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“I have been seeing Liz for a variety of health and nutritional issues since early this year. Although my issues were complex and inter-related I have always found Liz able to deal with all issues raised, being able to see the inter-relationship and how her breadth of different approaches have the potential to help and heal.
Liz is an able communicator and listener. Her friendly approach helps and she has the unique ability of keeping eye contact whilst writing her notes. She manages to pick out the core of issues and regularly checks that her perceptions have an understanding with you. Her knowledge, which allows her to call on numerous complementary approaches, enhances her ability to prescribe, in my case, helpful and positive outcomes from her treatments.
I prefer face to face meetings but the ability to contact Liz by e-mails allow me to check out issues between our appointments and I have never had to wait long for her to reply to my queries and concerns and ordering repeat prescriptions in this way is helpful.
Seeing Liz is not a cheap option but the end results have been a great improvement in the health issues that made me seek a consultation”.
SB Grange over Sands

“I have always found Liz to conduct sessions in a businesslike and professional manner while at the same time retaining that personal touch which makes me feel she cares about me personally. The greatest thing I have gained is becoming aware of the way my body works and reacts to what I put in it! I am now able to read my bodily signs to work out for myself what stage I’m at and how to progress”.
JP Kendal

“I had recently returned from overseas and was to be quite honest in a mess emotionally and physically and I knew that I needed some intervention from a professional. I had searched the internet looking for holistic intervention and was immediately struck by Liz´s website and I went with my gut instinct and contacted her.
I found that the initial information that I needed to supply before my first consultation was very thorough which gave Liz an insight to my problems, I have never had such a thorough background check before which made me immediately me feel very positive that I had made the right choice and eagerly awaited my consultation. Liz made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I felt as if we had an immediate rapport, because she already had my background information we did not waste the consultation going over old ground and allowed me to express my thoughts, feelings and concerns. She knew immediately what route to take with my healing mentally and physically and was very eager to work with me financially and only suggested what I could afford.
I have been with Liz for a year now and feel so much more positive about my daily living and my future, my son who is a teenager immediately recognised the difference with my moods and how much better I was coping. Liz has been a god send and I consider myself very fortunate to have found someone who is very committed and genuine and her goal is for me to reach optimum health and happiness and with Liz´s help I will most definitely achieve this”.
AM Carlisle

“Liz has helped me identify my food intolerances and make a huge change to my diet which has in turn has had a massive positive effect on my daily life. Consultation is relaxed and informal and Liz makes me feel at ease. I wish I had sought advice from Liz years ago”.
KFA Preston

“I have always admired Liz’s commitment in helping me with my health issues with sugar addiction, or bowel/digestive issues. She comes alive when sharing knowledge. I've never met a holistic worker who is as passionate, and shows as much compassion as Liz. Her approach with me has always been professional and warm. I always feel safe with her, and trust her completely.
She is a congruent person, and I will always recommend her to others”.
GP Knutsford

“Liz is an excellent nutritionist and a compassionate person who helped me through some difficult physical and emotionally problems that were affecting my health.
Being on a low income I couldn’t afford all the treatments suggested and maybe would have liked to find some food alternative like fresh veg/fruit juice ideas although I do realise that these may not have had the all the healing qualities I needed initially. I have really enjoyed the newsletters since my treatment that have offered healthy eating tips and information.
Since having sessions with Liz I have managed to stop smoking, lost weight and have taken control of my health through better eating habits and exercise. I feel significantly stronger physically, emotionally and mentally since my treatment sessions with Liz”.

A K Preston

“I have consulted with Liz on three separate occasions over the past 10 years and have been very impressed with her expertise. It was nice, but not essential, to know that she was a trained nurse. She has a truly holistic approach and instils confidence in her recommendations. I particularly benefited from logging my symptom progress and having an understanding between physical / psychological links. She was easy to talk to and amazingly made sense of my confusion. She has never been pushy so it has always felt that I have had choice – I believe this is important as, by definition, when you consult with a therapist you are generally at a low ebb physically and psychologically and therefore quite vulnerable. The only downside in my opinion is that the recommended supplements are expensive”.
JD Kendal

“I am happy with the service & support that Liz provides; she is always prompt & speedy with sending out supplements and remedies, and returning calls. I have found her very knowledgeable in nutritional and homeopathic therapies which were the areas I required treatment in. These therapies have enabled healing for me with certain conditions”.
JF Whitehaven

“Although my diet was quite good before consulting Liz the changes that she suggested and supplements recommended have fine tuned my health and improved my overall energy levels and wellbeing. It's good to know I am now taking vitamins and minerals in proportion and relation to each.
The pre consultation questionnaire Liz sends out focuses your own attention on your lifestyle and wellbeing and is a good way to make you realise that changes need to be made.
During consultation Liz is a good listener and makes useful suggestion based both on scientific evidence and her own intuition. She is well prepared and has clearly thoroughly read the information you have given her on the consultation sheet.
Her recommendations are supported by papers and research evidence, which in themselves encourage you to make the changes.
Changing diet requires commitment and determination and in the early stages Liz is supportive and helpful with ideas and advice until the new regime becomes part of your way of life”.
LE Kendal

“The service Liz offers is nice and relaxed but professional at the same time. The only thing I struggled to organise properly was all the important information that she gave me to read! You could almost condense this information in to a book/ booklet for clients....but I guess everyone has different health problems”.
JF Kendal

Liz McWatt
BANT Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
CHNC Registered (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)
Registered Shamanic Practitioner

Tel: 01539 728188

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