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April 2019 Consultation Services and Fees

In person 1-2-1 consultations will take place at my office in Kendal or we can work remotely via Skype.



Consultation Packages to suit your individual needs

Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation with in-depth report (can include Homeopathy & flower essences if required) 90 mins consult £150

Follow-ups 60 minutes £80, charged pro rata for longer sessions

Initial Nutritional Therapy consultation with short action plan tailored to your needs and completed with you during your appointment Up to 90 minutes £95

Nutrigenomic (Genetic) Initial consultation: in-depth analysis of your www.23andme.com genetic data along with your accompanying functional test results £350

Functional analysis of blood test results £50

Functional Testing I can arrange a wide range of tests to suit your individual needs. Please contact me for further details I work with Genova, Cyrex and Acumen Laboratories

Initial Homeopathy Consultation 90 minutes plus remedy £100

Shamanic Healing Sessions 90-120 minutes £80

Bespoke Aromatherapy Creams provided after a skin and mini health assessment Initial assessment including cream £95
Repeat cream order £35

It is important that your Family Doctor is fully aware of any health problems you may have; if you have not already consulted him / her with regards to your symptoms please do so prior to coming to see me for the first time.

What can I expect from my first consultation?
When you make an appointment to see me for a consultation, I will send you a questionnaire to fill in and bring with you to your first appointment. If you have had any blood tests done by your Doctor, it would be useful for you to bring the results along with you so that I can assess them from a functional medicine perspective.
At your first appointment I will ask you to tell me in detail about the problems you want help with; I will also ask for details of your medical history, any treatments you may have had, your family history, and your general state of physical and emotional well being. We will also discuss your diet and look at lifestyle factors which may be affecting your health.
I may recommend laboratory tests if I feel they would be helpful.

What you get following your initial in depth consultation:
A personalized dietary programme and supplement recommendation sheet along with detailed handouts to inform you and help you to make the changes as easily as possible. These will be sent to you within a few days of your appointment.
Interpretation of your blood tests from an functional health perspective along with comprehensive interpretation of any lab tests I recommend.
If you have indicated that you would like Homeopathic Remedies as part of your treatment plan, then these will be sent out with the above information.
It is my intention to support all aspects of your physical and emotional well being along with lifestyle advice to help you life your life to the full.

Why should I have follow up consultations?
Follow-ups are important. They give you an opportunity to discuss in detail any problems you are experiencing and allow me to assess your response to the programme I have set and make any adjustments necessary to optimise the benefits to you. In addition you will get an updated supplement sheet and diet recommendations where appropriate along with Interpretation of any new test results and additional handouts as appropriate.
I usually recommend that the initial follow-ups are at 4-6 weekly intervals

Support In-between Consultations
I do give you comprehensive handouts to help support you through making dietary and lifestyle changes. If you are experiencing any problems you will be able to contact me in between consultations. If this is not something that can be resolved with a quick email, you will be charged for my time. If you cannot carry out any recommendations because the information is unclear or missing– then you can email or call between consultations to get the information you need.

Where can I see Liz for a consultation?
In person clinics are held at my office in Kendal, alternatively we can conduct the appointment via Skype, whichever is more convenient for you. The venue is close to Junction 36 and therefore easily accessible for South Lakes, Cumbria, North Lancashire & Yorkshire, most of North West England and Southern Scotland.

If you are unable to attend in person, consultations can take place via Skype; however it is preferable to meet in person so I can assess you more thoroughly.

Telephone consultations are available for Nutrition / Homeopathy follow-up appointments only although face to face consultations are preferable as they tend to be more effective.

Shamanic Healing is available as distance healing following a telephone consultation.

Consultations are available on Fridays and the venue has disabled access.

Consultations in Kendal, Cumbria

Kendal Clinic
18 West St, Kendal. Cumbria. LA9 5QL
How do I Contact Liz?
Please contact me by email to arrange an appointment, or if you would like more information about the services I offer, at the Holistic Healing Office using details below:



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Liz McWatt
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