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About Liz McWatt

Liz McWatt

Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy, Shamanism and Aromatherapy

Available for you in Kendal, Cumbria, and remotely via Skype

My lifestyle embraces my work

I am passionate about all the therapies I offer to you. Each one of them has been instrumental in bringing tremendous benefits to me personally, so much so, that I had to learn more about them so I could offer them to you my clients.

I walk my talk, so you can be assured that my lifestyle includes good food, a healthy lifestyle and living in communication with nature and animals.

I love cooking and eating freshly home-grown foods wherever possible. The eldest of five children, brought up being self sufficient in fruit and vegetables (“The Good Life” was my parents ethos), I learnt to cook at an early age and be creative with ingredients to use all our precious harvest.

I developed food intolerances and allergies when I was 20 years old, so following a gluten-free / dairy free diet is second nature. I’ve learnt over the years how to cook foods that are every bit as delicious despite the dietary restrictions, so I have plenty of know-how to help you through making dietary changes. Working full-time with children and catering for differing dietary choices in the family such as vegetarianism isn’t always easy, but second nature to me. I understand the demands of a busy lifestyle mean you need practical advice based on experience to help smooth the way through dietary changes. I have plenty of tips to help you.

Although I love my work, I have a fulfilling lifestyle which nourishes me and keeps me healthy as much as the food I eat.

I still grow as much of my own food as I can – you can beat the taste (or the nutritional composition) of organically grown produce.

I have two loveable energetic dogs and love walking on the fells communing with nature. I also have a horse so when I’m not out on the fells, I’m either out on a hack enjoying the unique partnership we have developed with each other.... or juggling with a wheelbarrow on the muck heap!! Either way, he keeps me fit and healthy!

Work and Professional Life

I am a highly motivated and experienced practitioner, I have had a successful private practice since 1996; additionally I have more than 30 year’s professional clinical experience in the healthcare industry. I am a Registered General Nurse and professionally qualified as a Nutritional Therapist, Homeopath, Shamanic Practitioner and Aromatherapist; I have a wide range of skills with which to support you in achieving an optimal level of health, sense of well-being and vitality.
One of the reasons I am so passionate about complementary therapies is that they not only encourage us to take some responsibility for our own health and well-being, but that they can help empower us to lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives as well.
My nursing background is in Occupational Health and Rehabilitation – I have a strong interest in health promotion.

My personal philosophy that prevention is better than cure and that vibrant health is a result of nourishing our bodies and our minds and living our lives to the full.

Committed to ongoing education I have studied in depth and hold diplomas in Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathy, Therapeutic Shamanism, Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage. As part of my professional training I have also studied Flower Essences, the use of Complex Homeopathic Remedies and Counselling.
Aware of the importance of keeping up to date with the latest research and techniques and learning new skills, I continue to attend seminars and courses on a regular basis. I have attended many professional seminars covering a wide range of subjects, including:

• Candida & Allergies
• Working with Infertility
• Safe use of supplements during pregnancy and in young children
• Bowel Cleansing
• Liver support & health
• Menstrual Disorders and Hormonal Health
• Assessing and Managing Depression Effectively
• Musculoskeletal Disorders
• Support for complex and chronic diseases
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Thyroid health and Iodine deficiency
• Gluten intolerance and coeliac disease
• Abundant Energy
• Nutrigenomic Therapies for Autoimmune Disease
•Complex Auto Immune Disorders
•Optimum Energy Coach Certification
•Methylation and Nutrigenomics I and II
•Clinical Application of Nutritional Genomics

Education and Corporate Well-Being
I am a firm believer in empowering others by education, and work towards bringing the message of health, well being and healthy lifestyle to as wide an audience as possible.
With a background in Occupational Health Medicine I am confident and experienced in writing and delivering health promotion presentations within a corporate environment; I am also happy to be involved in corporate well-being days to help organisations promote health and well-being to their workforces.
Additionally I am happy to give talks to groups on any of the therapies within my area of expertise as well as general health education topics.

I am currently involved in the professional training of Homeopaths with
The Homeopathy College in Scotland and have previously been involved with the professional training of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

Appointments and Contact
If you would like to book an appointment with me or you would any more information about the therapies or the services I offer I will be happy to hear from you. Please do give me a call at the Kendal Office Telephone 01539-728188.

I can see you either at my Kendal Clinic or alternatively at Cumbria Therapies, Carlisle or The Wellgate Clinic, Clitheroe

I am a fully qualified practitioner and am registered with the following Professional Bodies and Organisations:

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

Member of The National Candida Society

Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with Nutri People

All of whom demand a strict code of ethics, ongoing education and full indemnity insurance.

Liz McWatt
BANT Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
CHNC Registered (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)
Registered Shamanic Practitioner

Tel: 01539 728188